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 For your health

 Many scientific studies demonstrate the effectiveness and stress
the importance of strength training for the physical, psychological and cognitive
Constitution of man. Sports and fitness are the key to
a long and active life improvement, the condition in everyday life,
health problems with obesity and prevent osteoporosis
and generally improve the quality of life, in particular
advanced age.

As they improve with a comprehensive training their 
fitness to support theirweight loss goals, optimal way to stay in shape.


This article and all prior articles on nutrition and fitness are based on the recognition that we are genetically almost still "indentical" to our prehistoric ancestors, as some 20 000 years ago, towards the end of Paläolytikums this planet populated (within the required accuracy for our purposes). As we now know through the work of archaeologists and Paläoantropologen serious, this präagrikulturellen hunter-gatherers, a very enviable physique. The secret behind this is the body and genes of these people had been optimized through over hundreds of thousands of years for a very specific diet and lifestyle. What is different today from these people is only our diet and lifestyle - with the known consequences. Our life expectancy today is only because higher because our infant mortality is much lower and because we have access to the blessings of modern medicine. Therefore, the hypothesis is: To us, despite our generally sedentary lifestyle of health and physique, again to come closer to our ancestors, our genes, it is sufficient to operate optimally again, by modeling their diet and exercise patterns. And without having to sacrifice the amenities of modern life.








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